About Us

ForgeFlow (formerly Eficent) was founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 2015. With offices in Barcelona and New York, ForgeFlow delivers Business and IT Consulting Services globally. 

Our main focus is to help manufacturing companies worldwide to grow their businesses and become Demand Driven with Odoo.

Barcelona (Spain):   +34 93 461 5975

New York (US):  +1 (646) 980-4659


Eficent Team

The Team

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Jordi Ballester

CEO & Founder, DDP Instructor

Jordi has been in the ERP world for more than a decade, and is Board member of the Odoo Community Association.

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Aarón Henríquez

Consultant & Engineer, DDP

With 4+ years of experience in Odoo, he has contributed and currently leads some important projects, like the Forgeflow RMA application for Odoo and the very known OCA Operational Units App.

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Lois Rilo

Consultant & Engineer, DDP Instructor

Over the last years Lois has developed an expertise in the logistics and manufacturing areas, participating in a number of Odoo implementations worldwide. He also leads the DDMRP apps development.

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Miquel Raïch

Consultant & Mathematician

With passion for detail, Miquel is a known contributor in the community. He has even been nominated for the Odoo best contributor award.

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Héctor Villarreal

Consultant & Engineer, DDP

Héctor loves technology and he is not afraid of tackling complex problems. He is a known contributor in the OCA and also leads the Forgeflow IoT projects.

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Adrià Gil

Consultant & Engineer, DDP

Adrià is a very creative engineer, he has actively worked in different developments and implementetions worldwide related with Odoo and other web applications.

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Núria Martín

Consulant & Engineer

With a background in aerospace, Nuria is capable to simplify and explain the most complex problems to anyone. She has been involved in a number of Odoo implementations as project leader.

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Joan Sisquella

Consultant & Engineer

Joan is a very proactive guy who loves to learn. He has both functional and technical capacities, which makes him very helpful for all the Odoo implementations he has been part of.